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Diószegi Kis István Reformed Reformed Bilingual Primary School and Elementary Art School is located in the heart of Berettyóújfalu on Kálvin square. One of the most imposing building of the town was built from the generous donations of reformed people in 1927.


As the most dynamic improving only church school in the region we have been serving the Christian communities for eight decades now. We provide possibilities for local children and those who live in neighbouring villages, too.
Our school is committed to keep the Christian values, order and discipline.


Christian values and modern, competitive knowledge are both represented together, completing each other, in everyday lessons and activities after them either.


Our students learn English and IT from the first class. As a Talent Point we give personal talent development to our students. 



Beside the traditional subjects our students can choose from study circles of runic writing, carving, folk dance, batik, folk-song circle, acting, puppetry, origami, drawing and painting, glass-painting, beading, flute, ziter, choir, football, swimming, athletics, volleyball, handball, hip-hop,  judo.

Our maintainer the Reformed Church District of Tiszántúl provides a stable background to the realization of our professionally well-founded pedagogical work.

The history of education in Berettyóújfalu is inseparably connected to the history of reformed church. The Reformed Parish Church has been existing since 1590, there are written documents from the beginning of the 17th century which prove functioning of church elementary school. In the catchment area of the College Of Debrecen the Parish Church and the leaders of the town have always provided adequate level of education for the growing generations. In the 18th and 19th centuries there were separate boy and girl classes with rather high (often over 100 students) class size.

The reformed ancestor of the institution was called Elementary School of Reformed Church of Berettyóújfalu, it was founded in 1856.

A suitably big and modern building was built in 1927, and the base building (which is the home of our current school) was handed over the students and town on 23. 09. 1928.Under the following eventful historical era the high level of education was constant and the school worked as a base school according to the centre role of the town (Berettyóújfalu was the centre of the truncated Bihar county before the war, later the chief town of Berettyóújfalu district). In 1948 in accordance with the school secularization law the Reformed Church was obliged to hand its school over to state, so the school worked on as #1. State Primary School from the 1948/49 school year.

After the change of regime the reclaim of church real estate became possible.

The local self-government decided to give the school back to the original owner, the Reformed Church in 1992. The building was declared as protected in the next year. The Parish Church got its property back on 1st July 1999 de facto.

From the school year 2011/12 we have been functioning as the school of Reformed Church District of Tiszántúl under the name of Diószegi Kis István Reformed Primary School and Elementary Art School.

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